The Henro – A journey of discovery in Japanese tradition

Shikoku, Japan’s fourth largest island, has many unique experiences to offer. One of these is the Shikoku Henro, or the pilgrimage to 88 temples dotted around the island. The full route covers roughly 1,400 kilometers, circling the entire island, a journey that can take a month or two on foot (but modern pilgrims have the option of using cars or public transportation).


People make this pilgrimage for many reasons: some religious or spiritual, others just to spend time in nature or for fun. The 88 temples belong to various sects and welcome visitors of different beliefs, religions, and nationalities

Local residents have a unique tradition, called osettai, of offering food, drink, and assistance to the pilgrims in the spirit of generosity. The Shikoku Henro experience is a combination of the pilgrimage itself and the welcoming culture that has developed in Shikoku over the ages.

Source:  Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan National Tourism Organization []

Consider your next floor project as a pathway and design in the traditional patterns and organic textures offered in our Henro series of unglazed porcelain mosaics to make every journey along that path an experience for the spirit..

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